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    Anybody have any recent reports from the Clinch?

    Last Saturday I fished below the weir and had moderate luck. On about my third cast, I caught a nice 17-18" rainbow on a 16 bhpt but had no takes on the fly after that. The rest of the day, all strikes were on red zebra midges. I only had 3 in my box (18 (pupae), 20 (silver bead head) and 22) and proceeded to lose all three on fish in quick succession. All strikes on the red zebra were on long, slow drifts through 1 to 2' deep water.

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    Fishing is working well in fast water with midges as you stated and with long-drifts in slack water.

    I have enjoyed size 18-20 "Jim-E Midges" on about a 16-24" drop. The key is to fish them to a leading edge of a submerged shoal or to the back edge. Note the areas of the river when the water depth narrows and the bugs increase in density for fish to be most effective in feeding. The trout know this and you should know this...

    Also; biot body midges works great as well. Expect long drives and try to fight the urge to recast until you play out the drift as long as possible. You can extend your drifts by lowering the tip of your rod and wiggling the rod tip left to right to pull out more line. I like to extend the drift until it drags or is not drifting correctly any more.
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    My brother in law reported the same thing last sat, except he only had one red midge and it was gone pretty quick. He fished above the weir. I think he said he switched (forced) to rust and it was slower but still productive.

    Madison, I haven't had any luck on the jim-e yet. I didn't have brown wire so I subbed with black. Think it makes that much difference?
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