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Thread: Smokies February 17 2014

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    Default Smokies February 17 2014

    Ok so I actually was also able to get on the Clinch on Sunday, the first time in awhile the flow was stopped for daytime wading. The first couple of shots are wildlife that day. The fishing was not great but a beautiful day. The other shots were from yesterday in the park, the day was beautiful, the water gin clear, but slow going maybe due to freak snowstorm late Saturday night may haved chilled the water, so no hatchs but also saw no other fisherman all day. I stopped at LRO for some flys and Daniel let me demo the new Orvis 4wt. fiberglass outside, uhh... I think I have a learning curve on glass, but still fun to try a new Orvis product. The inventory is getting quite impressive at LRO in the rod department, it's like the Sears Wish Catalog for fly fisherman.

    It maybe close to srping in the mountains but you can see Ole' man winter has not given up yet. No regrets used the day to explore and enjoy no crowds at all.

    On the Clinch, Sunday with an old friend

    It's tuff when even when your friends do not even want to see you fish.

    This is harder to see, this is one of five deer together that crossed the Clinch to the island between me and another guy 60 yards or so away.

    Here is going in, you can see the snow on the mountain

    Why those of us who live here, love winter fishing, welcome to my private park!

    Getting out, going home about an hour in front of the rain, big fun, small fish, a great day!

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    Bigsur, thanks much for the post, helps get me thru the day. Going crazy here, can't wait until I'm able to get out and do something.

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    Default Making me homesick

    Thanks for the post---sigh...
    Missing the mountains more than usual these days. Loved the shots of Little River---like the old days before tuber infestation got so bad. Heck, I remember when you were more like to encounter skinny dippers than tubers. Of course the fish were bigger then, I was faster, and the sky was bluer...

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    I understand completely:
    The fish aren't biting, but the solitude makes it worth the trip.

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    Hurry up spring. Thanks for sharing.

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