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Thread: Clinch 4/10/14-The Mission-1Hour To Fish

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    Default Clinch 4/10/14-The Mission-1Hour To Fish

    OK, so I had about one hour to fish before the Clinch River TU meeting, I got in the water about 4:50 PM and headed for my favorite area. Only two people there so my luck was holding, so I dropped in below and started throwing a dry and dropper combo I use a lot. I knew with only about and hour to fish and make it back to the car to change in time for the meeting was going to be tight. The air was thick with those typical Clinch tiny flys about size 30, that when I tie on with a mcicroscope, they have no interest in so I stick with what works for me.

    The weather and water was as good as it gets, for a flow that was as low as it gets an hour in front of generating starting back. After about 20 minutes I hooked up with about a 14-15 inch in the slot beautiful bow, nice and healthy, great color. I should have stopped right than but kept casting and enjoyed the rest of the hour with a fine cigar while standing in the water casting lazily bewteen puffs.

    As I was leaving two young men dropped in above me and as we spoke
    one of them nailed a big, looked like a 18-21 inch bow. I made my way
    back, changed out and made it to the meeting with 5 minutes to spare!
    An evening well spent, fishing and meeting later with fellow TU members,
    mission accomplished!

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    Nice Fish

    How many TU chapters are you a part of?

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