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Thread: Streamer Fishing a new tailwater with a Great Guide and Forum Member

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    Default Streamer Fishing a new tailwater with a Great Guide and Forum Member

    David Knapp, I would like to say Thank You for being the first of many that took me fishing 2 years ago while inquiring as a greenie on this board. The double nymphing without an indicator was priceless. Here are a couple of pics from that day in a hard rain. If you look close you can see my fish in hand.

    David and his.

    Fast Forward 2 years and today I had the opportunity to meet David shortly after daylight at the boat ramp for a day of focused streamer fishing. Weather on the plateau was much cooler than the Knoxville area. Thankfully the action heated us up pretty quickly with a mix of Rainbows and Browns.

    David with a nice Rainbow and Brown Trout.

    David, you were a Good Guide 2 years ago and definitely a Great One today.

    Thank You,


    P. S., If you have the opportunity to fish with one of several Great Guides on this forum.....take advantage. I have and it's helped my fishing immensely.

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    Breck looks like a great day on the water! Nice props for the guides, we have at least 5 guides who have donated guided trips for the Troutfest auction this Friday night. If anyone has been wanting to fish with a guide and maybe at a great price to boot here's your chance! Check the link below and thanks to Breck for his continued support for our local guides.
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    Thumbs up

    Breck, I second you on promoting our local/regional talent! David is a fabulous forum member and ambassador for our sport! I will always support, help, and recommend these type of people!
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    Thanks for keeping the good stream of posts coming

    It's great to get out and learn a new place to fish, and who could ask for better company than David. While I have only met him briefly twice, it is obvious to everyone that this Young man is just a Natural.

    And while missing the Big One can be a disappointment, it does give you a reason to go back
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    Thanks for a great day out on the water Breck! Floating, catching up with friends, and tossing streamers are a tough combination to beat. Let me know when you need someone to row again!
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    Great report and pics! David is certainly a gifted fly fisherman and a great teacher- top-shelf all around.

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    He sure is. He came over and spoke to our club last week, and response was universally positive. I rec'd a lot of positive feedback and hopefully he did too.

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