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Thread: Hiwassee river 7/8/14

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    Default Hiwassee river 7/8/14

    I got up to the hiwassee around 6:40 this morning. After I rigged up a double nymph rig I waded out into the river. I missed a few fish right off the bat but landed this decent brown as my first fish of the day.

    After I let this fish go I heard a splash downstream and turned to see three otters swimming upstream. One of those otters had a trout in its jaws. Once the otters saw me they swam back down and cirlced me swiming through more good looking runs.

    Nevertheless I continued to catch fish but none of much size. Right as the first generator kicked in I caught a good rainbow in a swift eddy.

    while waiting for the water to come back down (trapped on a rock) I caught this chunky rainbow swinging my nymphs

    All in all it was a good day I brought somewhere between 20-30 fish to hand. Unfortunately the quality fish had a case of lockjaw. Once the second generator started I left and headed upriver for smallmouth. But had no luck with the smallies above the powerhouse.

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    That bottom fish is a beautiful fish. Not a mark on it...very interesting from the were the water temps?

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    Thanks for the report. I've been wondering how the HI has been fishing.
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    Nice pics, looke like a great day on the river! I have a question I don't get to that area and do not talk to a lot of people who fish it on a regular basis, do you hear anybody talking or discussing the crisis in TVA Trout Stocking Funding for tailwaters which includes the Apalachia Dam tailwaters on the Hiwasee when you are in that water? Thanks for any info or feedback!
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    I forgot to check the water temp but it seemed fine especially after the 7 o'clock pulse came through. With the recreation flows I haven't been going up there as much as I do other times of year. I only talked to one other fisherman very briefly (who turned out to be a guide) and the funding issue didn't come up. I didn't make it up to meeting in Knoxville but I did post my comments on TVAs website. I hope a solution is reached because without stocking the hiwassee doesn't have enough or (any natural reproduction) to continue the fishery.

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