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Thread: Horse sites - how bad?

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    Default Horse sites - how bad?

    I stayed at a horse site in the park perhaps 20 years ago. I found that the scatter the manure rule found on every park map was completely ignored. Instead there were multiple 4 foot high piles, and I recall more trash at the site than others. I haven't spent a night at a horse site since.

    I spent a while avoiding shared use trails, but stopped that as it was really limiting the areas of the park I could enjoy. I'm beginning to consider trying a horse camp site again and would like input.

    I'm hoping to make it down the 11/14 weekend, will likely be solo, and won't want to do a lengthy hike this trip.

    I read several positive remarks about site 50 a few months back. I've walked right by 60 on Deep Creek several trips. I've spent 3X more time above Elkmont than all the rest of the park combined; but have never tried #27 on Jake's Creek.

    I'm curious about other's experiences at horse sites but also impressions of the 3 sites mentioned.

    - Matt -
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