I started the day off with a size 16 BHPT with a size 16 olive midge dropped off the back. My first couple fish came on the midge, so, like any normal person, I cut it off and just fished the BHPT. I've become a one fly kind of person. I'd rather fish a single fly to the best of my ability than to fish multiple flies mediocre. I know there are people that have done this long enough and are good enough to fish multiple flies better than I can fish a single fly, but not I. Sort of the reason why I don't fish a dry and dropper much anymore.

All the fish I caught were when I was certain that my fly was tapping the bottom. When I was fishing two flies, either I didn't have the touch to tell if one was on the bottom, or I was hung-up on every cast.

I had tied some larger nymphs just for this trip, but never even tied one on. I think that if Little River Rd had been open, that's all I would have fished!!!