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    I rarely contribute here, but just wanted to thank you for all your efforts with the daily fishing reports. It is something I look forward to reading every morning. I'm sure others echo my sentiments.

    You do a great job making me feel like I am standing in the stream, or at least visiting the Park with every report you make. The tips and reminders come in handy also. The report you did on 10/29 helps all of us, because I am sure there are days that I get a bit careless in approach and presentation.

    So with all the hours you put in to the reports, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the effort and hard work.

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    Thanks for putting up that post. I read Byron's fishing report every day. Wouldn't miss it. You folks who do not read it are missing out. Thanks Byron.
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    Thanks 3Bridge for posting this! The fishing report is an absolute daily fix every morning over coffee for me. My wife and I camp quite a bit and she's even started to enjoy reading about conditions and the general activities going on in Townsend and the park put up on the report by Byron as we lead up to an outing. It's much MUCH more than just straight up stream and fishing technique. Byron's dedication to writing the report is much appreciated and become a part of my daily routine.

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    The only thing I could add that has not already been said... I read Byron's reports for around two years before I had a fly rod and is how I learned to fish the smokies. Byron is partially responsible for my addiction and ensuing financial ruin
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    Good call. Byron's reports made me a better fisherman before I even set foot in the GSMNP. Now they are a solid source of everything that matters to those who care about that particular section of the park and the gateway to it.

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