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Thread: Clinch Tippet Question

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    Thanks for all of the feedback!

    Like Ducky pointed out, I can't see any reason to use FC in the park so that's why I asked. I know that tailwaters are a whole different ball game. Well I guess I'll figure them out one day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Congleton View Post
    while l am sure all information passed on here is done in good faith, sometimes opinions vary greatly so l pass this info on as someone else opinion .

    A well known and highly respected angler George Anderson has done somewhat scientific studies of tippet strengths, knots, abrasion resistance etc…l ve known george for forty years and his flyfishing experience is vast. Flyfisherman magazine has published his results. Google "tippet abrasion tests" to see the results. here is an executive summary of the 2012 article by George on flouro.
    ( Note that the Davy Knot is considered a very weak knot is referred to there as a very weak knot, weaker than a wind knot, fwiw)

    "'''''''''''Who makes the best fluorocarbon out there? TroutHunter / Seaguar GrandMax

    Who makes the best nylon? Rio Powerflex / Stroft

    Which nylon ties the strongest knots? Stroft GTM Nylon

    Which Fluorocarbon ties the strongest knots? Seaguar GrandMax / TroutHunter

    Which tippet material is the least visible to fish underwater? Fluorocarbons

    Which tippet casts more accurately? TroutHunter, GrandMax, Stroft (due to their inherent stiffness)

    Which tippet gets the best drift? Seaguar GrandMax FX, Trout Hunter Nylon, Dai-Riki Dynamic

    Best Deal per yard? Trout Hunter Fluoro, Rio Powerflex nylon (guide spool), Hardy Mach Fluoro

    Is Fluorocarbon really worth the extra coin? Yes, at least for clear running rivers, spring creeks, lakes, and saltwater. If the visibility in the water is between one to two feet, (perhaps just after runoff on a Freestone or after a rain) then it makes more sense to use Nylon since it is cheaper and provides better knot strength than fluorocarbon in the same diameter tippet.

    The Davy knot? A popular competition knot, although quick to tie and it wastes very little material, it was one of the weakest knots we tested - even weaker than a wind knot! """"

    If you look at the googled article there eis a lot of info on nylon tippet as well. l would consider George s work to be as scientific as it can get without bringing in NASA to do the tests. (and no, George Anderson has never fished the Clinch )…..

    Grumpy, l use 6x flouro on all small flies in tailwaters, and 5x if fly is larger than 16. Have landed a thirty inch brown on 6x a couple of years ago, and one over eight pounds this year, both wading, so it can hold one of large proportions if properly used.
    I agree 100%, Joe.
    All I fish is Seaguar FX.
    Cost? For all the trout I've hooked and got in over 20" this year while fishing 6X, I'd pay $30 a spool.
    Not all fluoros are the same! Seaguar and Trouthunter only!


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