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    Default happy thanksgiving

    I read the fishing report every day.Do you realize how unique the fishing report is there every day--you can count on it-day in and day out---there's not many things you can count on these days--LRO's relentless fishing report is one of the reasons LRO is one of the best fly shops in the USA---so Happy Thanksgiving to Byron and all the folks at LRO,to those who are bored enough to read this post,to Jack(my old buddy,will see you around Christmas as always),to my uncle Johnny,long gone, who was a nuclear physicist at oakridge,he owned a farm in the Wear Valley,where I had the a magical,snow bound Christmas in 1957,and to my mom and dad who I cannot forget.... ever...

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    Thank you so much for the kind words about the fishing report and us. I am thankful people like you read the fishing report. It makes my effort much more worthwhile. I enjoy writing and putting it together every morning.

    You are very thoughtful to offer your gratitude and very kind compliments to us.

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving up there in the Bluegrass State, where I grew up just a few miles from you. I hope you and your family and friends have a wonderful holiday season.

    I also hope you end up living down here at some point. I'm still waiting!

    Maybe you should get out to Poosey Ridge this weekend and fish for a while. Paula and I have talked about dragging our boat up there and cruising the Kentucky River soon. That would bring back wonderful childhood memories for me. Maybe this Summer.

    Again, thanks for being my friend. Take care buddy.


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