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Thread: Guide License fees back on TWRA agenda

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    Quote Originally Posted by cockeye valdez View Post
    That makes no sense whatsoever ! Not to challenge what you said but I would have to read the reg to believe it. I have had many days when a drift boat was above me and I didn't realize it. The guide always drifted well clear of me. Seems logical that it would be similar to pedestrians on streets.
    Boats have the right of way on navigable rivers in Tennessee and you cannot impede their passage. Just because you are fishing in a spot on the river does not give you any legal rights unless you own the land you are standing on (some do). Now; that does not mean you have to leave your fishing hole and give it to a boat. It just means you cannot stand in the only navigable channel/part of a river and not allow them to pass through. The law in general terms is: You cannot impede or stop boat traffic on a navigable waterway.

    That does not mean a boat has more rights to the river than a fisherman who is wading. It just means you have to allow them through passage. Think about it for a second. If you were standing in the only navigable slot/channel during low flow and a boat was trying to get past-is it right of you to stay in the spot and not let them pass all day. Did they know you were going to be there? These are grey area laws and seldom enforced. But, it is something people need to be aware of and anticipate.

    Most fly fisherman in boats and guides will hold up and wait for an acknowledgement from someone in the way to go ahead before coming through. A wader should be aware of this situation and be courteous as well. Wave them through at an appropriate time while anticipating their pace. That does not mean you have to move from your spot. Just if you are standing in the only navigable spot they can pass safely. Step back a few feet and let them come through and be on their way. Easy as that and simple as crossing the street.
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    To those freaking out about the one day license going away, I was reminded by a TWRA official that the 1 day non res had only been in place for four years.

    Seems there were plenty of out of staters fishing before the option, and now maybe the increase in revenue could help with other projects.

    If it keeps a few non-residents out of my way, then that's an added benefit.

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