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Thread: Snagged on the SoHo

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    Default Snagged on the SoHo

    Did anyone hear the story about the guy caught snagging at night. Heard he corralling fish then snagged them and then would toss them in a mud hole until it got daylight enough for hero pictures. I don't know if this is true or just a story but would like to hear the facts if it is. Pretty low down if you ask me. Again don't know if its true. Just wondering.

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    Default snagged on the so.ho.

    I read the article on North Georgia Trout Online. Wild story about a guy snagging trout at night. He had two buddies walking them up shallow water between the bridge and the old house on the left looking up river. The guy posts giant trout on a Orvis site and says he always catching them at night. Two guys got suspicious and staked out under the bridge. They watched him snag one and confronted him about it. He contended that it was legal and was confrontational. They posted the long detailed account of what they saw and he took down his post.
    I called Eastern Fly Shop and they confirmed the story. The guy lives in Charlotte N.C. I was given his name but will not list it. T.W.R.A. has been given the story. Hopefully he will stop and that will end it.
    One detail of the night was that they convinced him to release a giant female he was holding in the mud hole waiting for the sun to come up so he could take a picture. The fish floated belly up down river.
    Go to North Georgia Trout Online, message board and general interest.

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    Been following this story for a while now...

    Not surprising, as about every trip I make up there in the winter I see people ripping big spinners or tandem hooked streamers across the shallow water! Has gotten so bad that I refuse to fish that area as it is so frustrating. If this is all true I hope this scumbag gets what he deserves. I honestly wish that they would shut down the river from Hickory Tree all the way to the weir dam in December and January... While I love fishing certain stretches in that area, there are way too many idiots in there stomping around with no clue what they are doing!

    I won't give his name here, but anybody who refers to themselves as "Trout Pro - XXXX" definitely has some issues. He has supposedly bragged to numerous people that his sole intent is to gain fame and sponsorship to support his hobby. Also, it has been confirmed that this guy was fined for using live bait on an artificial only stream. The list of accusations is quite long... The Orvis Facebook page has recently indicated that they have no relationship with the guy after he posted lots numerous pictures of 24"+ browns.

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    I post rather infrequently and when I do I try to be respectful. It is hard to not say something about this persons conduct or others like him. I have found people like this cheat in most aspects of their life. I am not surprised to hear about these type of incidents. People like this certainly are not sportsmen let alone (not to sound elitist) fly fishermen. I will not give my real opinion due to being censured. I think most of us who truly care about trout fishing can come up with some very colorful descriptions to describe people like this.

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    Read the other forum; horrifying story, everything I despise in a so called sportsman. You can tell in that forum's post the guy still has fans or idiots that cannot even fathom how despicable the practice is! They do call him out by name and I was hoping to see a picture of the bum in case he tries to migrate his practice down here to the Smokies or Clinch but looks like his posts have been pulled and disappeared. I can think of one Smoky mountain welcome if he likes night fishing here, staked out, honeyed and buttered for a 400lb bear's breakfast!
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    I'm not ashamed to call him out. Ronnie kittredge is his name. Proud to rip fish off of reds and he brags about it. What a punk...

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