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Thread: How Cold Was It? Subtitle:So You Really Wanna Fish Today?

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    Default How Cold Was It? Subtitle:So You Really Wanna Fish Today?

    Sorry I would love to tell you I have fish shots but having the temps in single digits the last few nights as the weekend approached the prospects looked pretty grim for today. Byron's report showed 33 degrees water temp this morning in the park so that left the Clinch; which had a window open from 2pm to 6pm this afternoon from the flow that has been ripping for the last week or so. Now those of you who know Miller Island are aware if the flow stops at 2pm that means about an hour till you can drop in and start down the island, 45 minutes if you are crazy and can't wait. So that means today's actual window was about 2:45pm to 5pm due to darkness drops hard in January. As I pulled in the parking lot about 2:30, there were about 4 other anglers gearing up including my friends Dave and Melissa. I had rigged up my rod with 3x leader and tippet for a big boy I have been hunting the last few trips as he has successfully snapped 5x twice. I may have his zip code but he's got my number!

    I went down one side of the island as Dave & Melissa headed down the other, as I headed down in water probably still too high to be in I could see something white in the trees.

    I soon realized "Dude that's ice!!"

    In for a penny, in for a pound I kept on with my appointed rounds, yes in areas warmed by the sun you could see a few fish rise but they wanted nothing to do with anything I had going. The most surprising part was about 4pm there was a hatch going on though short and spotty!. The only thing that took some of the pain away of not connecting was a blue heron who was fishing with me as I went down was not doing much better. I felt for him cause he fishes for life I can stop at BoJangles on the way home.

    I soon noticed in the quiet of the river my rod and reel was making a weird noise. I kept casting thinking like usual it ain't the rod you just stink!It was than I became aware that the air temp was somewhere around 32 degrees or less, did a thermometer tell I look at my smartphone...noo? I looked really hard at my rod!

    My gear was frozen... it was that d.... cold!

    It was at that point I signaled retreat and made my way back to the car, as I had a good 20 minutes or more walk up the river in front of me. The funny part was the first thing out of Dave as he got back to the lot, "My line froze and I can't believe we saw a hatch on the other side!" They actually hooked up on a few so I was glad for that.

    As I sit here sneezing and watching football, any regrets way... I'll take two hours on the water whether 30 degrees or 98 degrees anytime!

    Stay warm and tight lines to all!

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    Good read, you are tougher than me!!!

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    No guts no glory. Good for you. Nice to be out'

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    Those ice in the guides days are tough! The fishing can be excellent but it is always difficult deciding how long to tough it out for. Glad you were able to get out!
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