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    With so much information out there now days where does a person begin? I am looking expand my horizons from dry flies and try my hand at the streamer game this year but with so many specialized patterns I am a bit overwhelmed and donít know where to start! Any recommendations on what patterns to concentrate on to start with? Any other help or advice would also be appreciated.

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    There's definitely a lot of info about streamers and trying to take it all in at once can make you go crazy. If you are just starting to fish streamers I would start with some small streamers like clousers or weighted wooly buggers. They catch almost everything and you can't mess them up. You can strip them fast or dead drift them and everything in between. Every river and lake in our area has crawdads, baitfish and sculpin so you can't go wrong with browns, olives and white/pearl. After you start to get the hang of them try some bigger stuff and maybe even some weighted lines down the road. Just an idea. Streamer fishing is a lot of fun and has its place and time for sure but it can also be discouraging so hang in there. Also remember to duck on windy days. Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Pfeiffer View Post
    Also remember to duck on windy days.
    Mash your barb too. It makes removal from the back of your head easier.

    I like to fish olive slumpbusters on a 7.5 foot leader that started out as 5x and has been cut back so many times, it no longer works for a 5x tippet. I tie on a short 10 pound flouro tippet to this.
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    Be prepared to work more and catch less with streamers vs the dry fly. There are a few Great guides on this forum that will answer your questions and do it best on the water.

    I asked this same question 3 years ago and have never looked back.

    You ask good question and answer it at the same time by your post on this forum.

    Here are a few things I've learned:

    Best fish on a streamer, biggest fish all on a streamer, most days fishing without a take.....on a streamer,
    most days fishing and no fish pics....on a streamer and least amount of posts on this forum....because of streamer fishing.

    Hard work and you should know this going in.

    You are going to be in a club that represents a 1% er on most streams any day you go. So, some good patterns?

    I could assist more if I knew the water your fishing. You can't go wrong with a "Todds Wiggle Minnow". Until you get the casting down this streamer will move and work in the water even when you'r not. Go with white!!

    Double Gonga - won't let you down. The go to - Wooly bugger will work anywhere. Look at the thread started by 2weight reference leaders. This is the best thread and topic I've seen since dmunger started the "TuesdayTthread".

    Look up Rocky , Josh Pfeiffer and David Knapp. These are Streamer Guys and worth you spending time on the water with. I have fished with all three and their knowledge is priceless.

    If you want more info and particulars on the above info, email me.


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    I'm a streamer junkie all around and with all the new patterns it can be overwhelming for sure. Everyone has given solid and I would echo starting out with clousers, buggers, and even a few sculpzillas. As you gain a few fish under your belt reach for the 7-8wt and some double deceiver in baitfish patterns.....then it's all over

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    I am assuming your asking about streamers for Smoky mtn streams, not tailwaters. Try brown maribou muddlers and zoo cougars for sculpins and red fox clousers as a dace or small brown trout baitfish imitation. gotta match the color to the stream bottoms
    I have also fished the Harry Murray style Hellgrammite with some success.

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    All good advice so far. Start out with the smaller stuff with minimal weight. Keep your leaders short and stout. Streamer fish aren't usually leader shy. A stronger leader will not only help land larger fish, but it will help turn them away from cover or retrieve your fly from hang ups. Consider investing in a sink tip or full sinking line. Do some research on Kelly Gallop's methods and flies. He is in my opinion one of the best streamer fishermen in the US.
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