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    Default Boone Lake level

    I saw this morning that TVA plans to hold Boone Lake at current level or lower for at least the coming year, due to erosion of the earthern embankment. Sounds like more of the same, after the experience the past few years on Center Hill and Wolf Creek. In the broader view, it's more of the same in terms of the need to repair our aging infrastructure in this country.

    Fishing wise, I'm wondering what if anything this means for generation schedules on South Holston or Watauga.

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    Over Christmas, talked to one of the TVA engineers who is doing the turbine replacement on the South Holston. The boone lake levels came up in the conversation, and the issues around the earthen portion of the dam. He said assuming they don't uncover a major issue, there will be no significant changes to the generation schedule on the south Holston.

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