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Thread: Clinch Sat 2/28/15 Subtitle-2/3 of a Slam=Cabin Fever Blues

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    Default Clinch Sat 2/28/15 Subtitle-2/3 of a Slam=Cabin Fever Blues

    Well like everyone else this past 3 weeks, the weather has beat me down! Compounding that I have been going to meetings and events talking about trout fishing, but that hardly satisfies the tug is the drug craving! Making matters even worse was that after shopping for 6 months looking for a deal on a new TFO 5wt. BVK, I found one. It arrived in the middle of the 3rd or 4th storm, who can keep them straight this month! It was like being a kid in November and getting a new bicycle for Christmas and being told you can't ride it till Christmas Day!

    Watching the weather all last week was like planning an invasion, studying the TVA flow charts, Saturday was it. Expecting a parking lot full at Millers Island, I was surprised at the relatively small crowd as I made my way to the water. The BVK was rigged with a new discontinued Orvis mid-arbor reel ( thanks to Dave at Orvis for his help), and new Rio Gold Touch line( thanks to Daniel & Dan at LRO), I wasn't just fishing for me, I was fishing for a community effort

    There was no way I wanted to get skunked Saturday, the pressure of the help of everyone who helped put this rod combo together was too immense. Failure was not an option, I must use up any karma I had left from New Year's event (see past post's for this reference!).

    Yes, Snow is still on the ground

    The first 30 minutes or so was basically just trying to learn the nuances of the new rod, though the same 8ft. 6in as my TFO 4wt. totally different action. I really like the way it casts and feel like it's a lot of bang for the buck. Than the next cast bang, fish on, I could tell right away it had some heft to it, which was verified when he broke straight up about 1-1/2ft above the water. I just knew he would snap the 6X tippet I had changed to, due to the clear cold water. He went down again and made a couple of side runs, than broke the surface again repeating another 1-1/2ft jump. i could not believe I still had him on as I reeled him in!

    Check out the color even on the lower fins, is Spring really on the way!

    I kept on fishing and got this small brown next, kind of anti-climatic after the bow but still grateful.

    Than the closer, not a brook but I am not whining, not me!

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    Glad you got to get out and fish, it seems like that has been a rare occurrence lately for just about everyone. That rainbow is a chunk too and real pretty. The guys at LRO and Orvis are great and we're blessed to have shops like these fairly close to home. I know I wasn't sure about the BVK when it came out but I broke a sage one time and it was going to take almost 3 months to get it back due to volume at the manufacturer so I bought a BVK for a back up and now own several and like fishing them almost as much as a Sage.

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