Greetings all,

I am a researcher at Tennessee Tech University studying the pest algae species known commonly as Didymo or Rock Snot. I will be sampling soon in the Clinch River just below Norris Dam, and I was hoping the trout fishing community could assist me in my endeavor.

Has anyone been to the Clinch recently (a week or less) just below Norris Dam, and if so, how bad was the Didymo blooming compared to the other green algae and plants present? I commonly sample in May when it is near full bloom, but was hoping to sample earlier this year. However, the sampling sight is over 3 hours away from my University and I cannot afford to make a preliminary scouting trip out. If I go and there is hardly any Didymo present, I will have wasted precious resources and time. I would be better off waiting until there is a substantial bloom, and given the interesting winter weather we have had I am uncertain as to when that will be.

Any information or pictures you could supply from the last few weeks and the next week would be greatly appreciated! We hate this stuff just as much as the fishermen do and we are hoping to understand it better in order to come up with a solution for it.


Andrew C. Eagar
Tennessee Tech University