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Thread: Today on the South Holston

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    Default Today on the South Holston

    Called a good friend who guides on the South Holston via the EFO fly shop. Excellent guide and a great friend. Fished with him last year at about this same time and had the best brown trout day ever. The previous post is on our forum.

    So my hopes were high yesterday after leaving work. Rain, all the way to the cabin and rain most of the night.

    Got up at about 4 a.m. and walked down to the river. She was flowing at 2100+. All the smaller feeder creeks had turned to small rivers feeding the S. Holston.

    I took a couple of twigs and tested the water flow. 5 foot from the bank the water was flowing 20 times the flow rate of the first 3 ft of water from the bank.

    Usually I'm always in a boat and had never realized this. May seem obvious to most but I decided that getting the streamers as close to the bank structure today would be my plan for the day.

    Jons boat at the put in.

    4 hrs into the day and all I caught were pins and needles in my finger tips from the cold.

    At 1 p.m. it started to to all come together.

    Air temp was 38 and the water 42.

    Great day with several to hand. All released safely.


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    Nice browns thanks for the pics

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    I'm envious! !! Thanks for report.

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    Looks like you had a successful trip. Glad you found some willing fish!
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    Nice post Breck Thanks for the report, and what a lovely Brown.

    Freddie and I were talking last week about how the Browns on the South Holston and the Brookies in the Park are some of the prettiest fish you'll ever see. Only the darters seem to compete for the beauty crown with them

    Taking kids to mountains Tuesday night so I can't fish on Wednesday, but want to get put there and chase some Brookies real soon
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    Way to go Breck those are nice. Dang I wish I could have gone.

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