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    I am looking at building a 7wt fiberglass rod, and I want a specifically colored reel to match my thread wraps on the guides. I want orange for the color. Allen makes a reel called the trout II that is rated up to a 6 wt. I thought about just going for it because the price is good and the color is right, but I wasn't sure if this reel would have the right capacity for a 7 wt line, and I was unsure if it was enough to handle smallmouth, my target species. Any comments or information about Allen reels would be of much help!

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    You will probably want to talk with Brandon. (BMB). He has a new Blue Halo glass 7wt. with one of the Allen reels on it. The trout 2 might be large enough and will probably hold the line and enough backing especially if you use either a 12lb dacron or a gel spun backing. You will probably never see the backing anyways unless hooked up with a carp. The only real problem I have experienced with glass rods because they are heavier than most graphite rods. If made of E-glass, the newer style ultralight reels do not balance the rod well. the balance point tends to be about 1-2 inches up onto the rod blank rather than on the cork roughly where the thumb rest. you either have to go with a heavier reel in the 4-5 0z range or add weight into the reel by way of adding leadcore line under the backing.
    I used to fish a 7wt fenwick e-glass rod 1970s era. The best reel I found for it was either an old martin 77 click pawl or the ross gunnison 3 . the newer glass rods are usually made from s-glass , which is lighter and a little fast action/recovery and using newer light resins, so you may not need to add wt into the reel.
    And you can catch very big smallies on lighter wt. rods, you just have a harder time casting larger flies.

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    Allen has an online chat feature. They are offline as I type this, but they should be able to answer your questions about capacity.
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