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Thread: Huge winfor tva tailwater trout

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    Default Huge winfor tva tailwater trout

    From WBIR:

    …….. there's good news for a local fish hatchery – and those of you who like to fish.

    The Erwin National Fish Hatchery is going to continue getting money from the Tennessee Valley Authority for three years, along with two other hatcheries.

    Monday morning, Sen. Lamar Alexander was in Erwin, making the announcement.

    The three federal fish hatcheries supply more than one million trout for TVA dam tail waters and reservoirs in Tennessee and Georgia.

    With the new agreement, stocking for recreational fishing will also continue around all local dams.

    Much credit to all of you who showed up for the hearings to support this continuation. TU, TWRA and Senator Alexander particularly. Big Sur teed this up on this Forum and the rest of you knocked it out of the park.
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    Good news. Thanks for posting.
    "Here fishy fishy."

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