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Thread: Beds of red fry everywhere!!!!!!!

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    Default Beds of red fry everywhere!!!!!!!

    Question time y'all!!!!! As I keep widening my adventures I continue to see the small 2' x 1' beds of these small red fry. At first I was under the impression the were baby rainbows, however, as of recent I have heard many different answer. So here's the question, "WHAT ARE THEY??" Let the rambling begin!!!!!
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    Default What I was told

    I've only seen it a few times, but I am told it is where hornyheads have fluttered. Their fry are reddish. As I recall, the parent fish are nearby standing guard. it's just what I heard--have not been informed by reading about it or talking to a biologist.

    The times I saw it, there was hundreds of the little red things in an area about the size of a bushel basket.

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