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Thread: Taking Fish Pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Pfeiffer View Post
    I personally hate seeing fish go to waste and always try to revive fish when needed. I agree with you on that as I'm sure most would, but also agree with some of the other points made, and no offense taken. I came into this thread late and liked the response that Madison gave. I don't think either one meant anything by what they said.
    No offense taken

    When I posted the original topic I had just gotten off the river and was pretty hot about the incident. I was more mad about the reaction received then the actual incident, but poor fish handling is a problem IMO, and the age of the internet has only made it that much worse. People feel that in order to give a solid report they have to have a picture of every fish brought to hand, which is perfectly fine, I love fish pictures. However, many of the pictures taken are of fish that have been poorly handled, and therefore could not survive. I witnessed this exact behavior last weekend, and it was senseless to say the least.

    I'm not some sort of purist when it comes to trout, and have no problem with them being killed to eat. Having used them for bait to catch stripers it would be incredibly hypocritical to cast judgement because someone took one home to eat.

    River smallmouth are a different story, and I cannot warm to the idea of them being killed for any reason. You can probably understand.

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    I wouldn't turn a blind eye, I would paddle over and get the struggling fish, thump it on the head, and thrown it on ice. Unless it is in the slot of course

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    In all seriousness though if they weren't rookies they should have known how to handle their catch

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    I have anguished for years over this subject and like everyone else when you first start catch and release as a part of your world; ignorance is bliss. My first move was to get a rubber net to hopefully minimize stress and damage. I wanted to believe even my first Wal-Mart $19 rubber net was a least a start and yes I still have it! It was as much for me just to stop wrestling fish and trying to release trapped flies in a cheap cotton net which I still feel should be outlawed for so many reasons. I moved onto a great deal on a small Brodin ghost net which I still use when I use a net.

    As time went on I became more aware thru reading and forums like this, I tried to go to the method of leaving the fish the in the net and taking the shot while still holding the net partially submerged. If you are by yourself this is comparable to wrestling oiled pigs at the county fair it just ain't easy and the pictures usually stink.

    I now rarely carry a net in the Smokies for multiple reasons, like waders I hate the extra baggage and lets face it most of the fish we catch in the high country are 9-10 inches or less on a good day. I fish a lot solo so I carry my spare camera phone in a cheap waterproof cover around my neck and in my shirt pocket. If I find the need to photo, the fish stays in the water until the camera is out and ready to go, I have the camera set on vocal command, so I raise the fish, yell shoot, take a couple of quick shots and hopefully they take , and the fish is lowered back. Foolproof, of course not but makes it as quick as I can to get the fish back in the water.

    As you spend more time in this sport you realize you catch less fish the more time you spend gripping and grinning and I think a lot of us move on to quality fish shots, not quantity. As big as this issue can be regarding pictures when you add the factor in of 85-90 degree days now you have added a second layer of stress. Thank God the fish are smarter than us and hunker down while we flounder around like mad dogs and Englishmen in the noonday sun especially on tailwaters!

    Now on to science, as a TU member and officer I read a lot of the material and reports available to TU members. I have attached a link below to an article about this very subject in our TU magazine from last September 2014. I reread and was reminded of how much the survival rate drops per seconds no matter how careful we are, the last page gives a simple list of methods TU suggests.

    I know everyone will always want that child's first fish picture or that picture from a great trip or day on the water, or shots from a TU event myself included. When you take that big trip with a guide it is part and parcel of the day and guides are acutely aware that killing your livelihood is probably not a good business practice. These are also teaching moments for everyone kids, fishing buddies, and yes even experienced anglers, when they see proper handling the lesson hopefully sticks. It has been my experience that 99% of anglers want to do the right thing once they see it. The other 1% will probably move on to something else as they are probably not listening to anything else someone is trying to show them and ain't catching fish!

    SIDE NOTE: #1 RULE-As most anglers are already aware of always have wet hands before handling fish.

    Here is the article link: about 4 pages just scroll down to view after opening
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    Quote Originally Posted by elkhaircaddis View Post
    Waterwolf I agree with your fish handling advice but you recently chastised a new member for posting pics of dead fish on here also. So are you saying don't take pics if releasing and don't post dead fish pics? Should we just stop hooking fish altogether?!?! Or just stop taking pictures altogether?
    I can't believe this was even remembered. I learned a lot from one thread creation. I did feel a lil "beat up", however, my skin is thick and I can take the criticism. I'm not speaking for everyone by any means but, it seems to me, most people on this forum are here to help others. Now, as I have begun to read older posts, I do see that there are some who are a lil quick to draw the gun, it's all done though in the hopes of educating someone on better ways, and that's ok.

    Quote Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
    So according to you the below is chastising? That's astretch........

    I am left with a question though, those fish all look to be stone dead, some to the point of losing their coloration. I have no issues with folks keeping fish if that is the case, I was just curious.

    That is the only post I made in that topic, and is far from chastising, and just inquiring. Just like above I clearly state I have no issue with people keeping fish. No issues with pics of dead fish either, you clearly missed the entire point in your rush to prejudge. Take all the pictures you want just do it responsibly if you plan on releasing the fish alive. Take a pic of a cooler full for all I care

    Boy you are a sensitive little snow flake who seems to have issues with reading comprehension.
    I do keep, eat, and take pictures of my fish. One day I will post a whole cooler full, probably not trout, most likely some red fish, here soon. I've tried to get better at my handling, and releasing of fish. Check out my most resent posts to see what I'm talking about. The only thing that gets me is the name callin part. We all get hot, we all have differing opinions on many things, however this great sport brings us all here for the same reason, TO PERFECT "OUR" SKILLS AND FELLOWSHIP. We all need to remember that. We had to start somewhere, just remember that. I'd be pissed too if someone was takin pics and releasing dead fish, **** at least I eat mine. Your a lot nicer than me WaterWolf, I'd have run them off and probably got the cops called on me, and elkhaircaddis, thanks for sticking up for the new guy. I like snow flakes, they remind me of Christmas😀.
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    I have yet to participate, but have truly enjoyed reading this thread

    I love the range of position and perspectives and am glad that no one is so sensitive that they start taking it personally

    Big Sur - Thanks for the link. I really don't think it takes me a minute and 26 seconds to remove a hook from a rainbow, not that the data wasn't helpful at pointing out the different circumstances that happens to a fish when its caught because it clearly was.

    I take lots of pictures and honestly believe I'm not harming the fish. It takes maybe 30 seconds to land, photograph, and release a trout unharmed. Maybe 45 seconds if he's a monster 9 inch flopper. If I notice it is taking more than normal you simply let them breathe for a minute.

    And Waterwolf - pester away! I love the perspective of Grumpy Old Men

    It's hard to change a habit, or maybe develop a new one as I was learning. He would point out every shot with a dry hand in it, and eventually it worked
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    Who exactly am I pestering?

    I guess trying to intervene in an ugly, wasteful, and hideous display of stewardship by other anglers in a polite way is pestering to some. To each their own....

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    Keep em wet.


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