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Thread: The Great Western Trip - 2015 Edition

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    Stan, as to the night clerk at the cabins, they are usually part time and usually don't know too much about the area except where to eat. You won't find any fish very often in the irrigation canals, but the fishing is usually very good in the Salt River which goes down the middle of the valley and has at least a dozen public access areas available. Then on the other side of the mountains to the east is the Grey River which gets little pressure. Anyway, I wish you had gotten a chance to fish that area, and hopefully there will be a next time.

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    Excellent report, and glad you had a good time.

    The San Juan is a wonderful river, and even more so if you can avoid the hoards of drift boats in the quality trout water. I highly recommend hiring a guide and doing a drift on the lower river down in the private water section. Absolutely the best day of fishing I have ever had. Most people stay in the quality trout section, but my arms were burning after landing numerous 16 - 20" trout on the lower water. We had to sign in at the boat ramp to gain access, and when we did it was pointed out that we were the first group to float the lower river in over 2 months.... Those fish were stupidly aggressive as they hadn't been pressured the way the upper river fish had been. Just a tip for your next trip...

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    Jealous. Looks like a great trip

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