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Thread: More Summer Brown Trout (8/29/15)

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    Thumbs up More Summer Brown Trout (8/29/15)

    Went out for brown trout again this morning, and had another awesome time. We got to the parking spot at 5:55 ,got our boots on, and began our walk to the put in. As you can see, we were tired, but we were ready to start our day.

    The park is pretty scary in the dark since you can never be sure of what’s around you, under you, or on you. After a half hour of walking, we put in at 6:40 when we could finally see our flies on the water. Nolan hooked into a baby brown almost instantly and we were hopeful that the big boys might be eating too.

    We caught a few more rainbows and smaller browns for a few hours and nolan had 3 12”+ browns that hooked up but came off almost immediately. Two of those fish were hooked under thick cover, and when he lifted his rod tip the foliage prevented him from keeping tension. They weren’t on for more than a second or so, so the disappointment wasn’t as bad as it could have been. One fish may have been 16+, but it was hard to tell. The largest of the 3 rolled on his wet fly and we saw him disappear back into the depths. We at least knew that the fish were active, and we knew we would have more chances. I had 10” or so fish that i presume to be a brown roll on me too, but I never felt any resistance. Soon after I watched a huge fish in a dinky pool swim out when we accidentally spooked him, and he even left a wake since he was so small for that pool.

    I finally hooked into a large brown, and after chasing him down two pools and Nolan scooping out from a wrapped up limb, we got him to hand. He taped at 13”, and we were so glad we got what we were looking for.

    We didn’t catch any more of size after this fish, but we were happy to end the day on that note. We stopped by the shop on the way back and got to talk to Brian Courtney for 20 minute or so, and he was happy to know that his signature fly he ties have been working wonders for us (even if we tie our own)! Thanks for reading my post, and I hope you enjoyed seeing the fish we caught on this wonderful morning in the park.
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    Nice fishes, that rainbow is no slouch either

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    Cheesin' hard in that one picture. Can't wait for the next trip!

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    Nice catch! thanks for sharing.
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    Great looking fish! thanks for the report!

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    You guys are dedicated to get up that early! Looks like it paid off though. Good work!
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