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Thread: Chilhowee Reservoir to be Drained Again

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    Default Chilhowee Reservoir to be Drained Again

    Paula and I just returned tonight from Chilhowee Lake. It is official. I took this photo today. A public notice has been released. Chilhowee Reservoir will be drained again. I"m sick.

    Here is the link to the Public Notice:


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    Byron , I assume they were just waiting for summer to end before suprising people with the news. I guess it's like pulling a band-aid off, hurts less when you don't see it coming! I have been holding my breath with the weir dam at Norris, they were scheduled to work on the seepage on both sides of Hibbs Island one side at a time. However the last time I spoke with the TVA project manager last year that work had been postponed for whatever reason. I was told years ago the weir had been leaking since day one, I guess like our aging bridges and highways, sooner or later you gotta pay Paul even when Peter has nothing left! Hate to hear about this one.
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    Seems like so many issues with area dams in the last 10 years.
    Norris is either extremely well built, or we are very very lucky.

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