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    I tie on a Renzetti Traveler rotary vice. I must confess that I rarely use the rotary feature when tying, but tie the "old fashioned" way. Curious as to how many others don't use it that much even though they have it.
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    I have a friend that dosen't use the rotary on his.

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    Digging up an older thread, just because I've not been here for a bit.

    I use the rotary function on mine but not to wind materials. I don't have a bobbin rest and end up winding thread into a ball, or worse, unwinding thread and materials. I use it mostly for inspection before moving to the next step or when dubbing dry flies. Some flies I need to add the head cement from the bottom so its nice for that as well
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    Get a Regal vise if you are tying tons of flies. You will not regret it. I love the quick release to adjust my flies and they are built solid. I love mine and it has tied thousands of flies.
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    Anyone try the new regal rotary?

    I need a left handed one and must special order from the company, but have never seen one to see if I like it. The videos look neat.

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