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Thread: January fishing?

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    Default January fishing?

    Guys, a friend and I are trying to sync up our calendars to hit the park for a couple of days of fly fishing. Unfortunately we can't make it work the rest of this year. I know...

    Anyway, is there any decent fishing in January and February or should we find somewhere else to go? Thanks

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    It's tough that time of year but fish can be caught. Lots of folks like fishing for big browns in winter because they have to eat something where a lot of the trout population slows to a crawl and doesn't eat much. That being said we get a lot of random warm days in winter, sometimes in February it's 50+ degrees and the fish start eating. All depends on recent weather and rainfall which is wildly unpredictable. For a more predictable situation, you could try a tail water but fish can be caught in the park in winter. It's just way harder than summer

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    I love the solitude of fishing in the winter and probably spend more days in the Park in January and February than I do in the summer. The fishing is not all that great, but some days can be better than others. Lower elevation streams are productive and a long hike into the backcountry are unnecessary unless that's your thing. Keep in mind, brook trout seam to want to eat more than rainbows if the roads are open to get to them. I've had great days catching brook trout on small hoppers in the snow.

    Keep in mind, the tailwaters aren't that far from Pigeon Forge if you wanted to hit both the mountains and the tailwaters.
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