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Thread: Fall Brookies 10-12-15

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    I had planned this past weekend like a combat maneuver weeks in advance, with a Great Smoky Mountain chapter TU fundraiser on Saturday kicking it off!
    The 4Runner (The Beast) was loaded down with hot dogs, drinks, and chips ready for duty and overloaded with grilling equipment, and after a great day of fundraising, I hit a place for a quick early dinner, watched the second quarter of the UT game and ran for home.

    The day had started at 6:30 AM and I knew by the time I had unloaded the Beast and loaded up the car for a quick run to my favorite brookie hide out it would be 1AM. I completed all this while screaming at the TV during UT's possible greatest 4th quarter in a decade!

    Sunday morning I did not want to move but dragged the last of my camping gear and coolers into the now over stuffed car and hit the road. Having Monday off was a rare luxury and I had planned the days out to the minute.

    The drive was beautiful and I knew I had a full day of fishing until I could check in at the campground. The upper elevation on the NC/TN side was already in full color at 4000 ft plus and was stunning to say the least.

    As I made my way up the mountain I could hear the water and knew I had full pools to work with that day. That made the walking even easier as I huffed my way uphill starting at 3,550 ft or so in the cool fall morning air.

    I always start at the same pool, even in low water this pool stays deep and shaded so was a little surprised when on the 2nd cast the one below grabbed the elk hair on 6X off my Winston 2WT. I normally take my 5ft 1Wt I had made just for this tiny brookie stream but my last run up in August the water was so low the fish were gone within 10ft of approaching the stream. Not really knowing the conditions and wanting to take no chances took the 7ft.6in. 2WT for the extra reach to stay back out of the water. This stream is so small you can wet wade, and never get water over the top of your neo booties if you want to catch a fish. I have posted many times I have reached the point I hate to put on waders much less climb the side of a mountain while wearing a fat man rubber suit.

    Not a great shot, was a little startled to hit on 2nd cast, normally it can mean you have peaked and will not get another one all day!

    Now moving up and having only a couple hours to fish before setting up at the campground I started the rare occurrence of cherry picking pools. Normally if you get one a pool the rest scramble to hide. Today was totally different, each pool would yield 2 to 3 before moving on. Nirvana!

    Now the size and color was picking up

    I then came to my favorite pool I dream about this pool, the beauty of this pool is as you stand below you are literally eye level with the water hiding behind rocks. If you don't you will never see a fish as like most brook trout outings: "This ain't fishin this is huntin!"

    Now after the one above, I was on fish 2 or 3 from the pool above and telling myself don't be greedy take the long hike out and be grateful and go set up camp. I was bone tired from the fundraiser, the driving, and the week leading up to all of this. You have to remember I have fished and walked this mountain for the past year and half about 6 times a year and always felt like the king of the pool was there. I had just about talked myself out of that final cast (never say last, bad karma), and gave it one more shot to a place I had cast a million times. Bam! Fish on!

    Instantly the 2WT lit up as I slowly cranked it back to me, praying to every deity I could remember at that moment. "Please let the 6X tippet hold and I will be good at least until Christmas." There may be one bigger in this pool and I hope so, but with the size of this one and a lower jaw black with time and feeding on anything in it's path probably not.

    Now if you know this stream do us all a favor and go shhhhh!... don't tell a soul. Keep it quiet and every once in a while take a special someone in your life on a day to remember. It's like a lot of streams we know, the journey is 90% of the fun, the fishing is just the whip cream topping!

    Yes this fish gets two shots

    Later that night after checking in, the perfect ending with a 3 bundle fire in the pit, a big T-Bone and potatoes on the grill and a cold one. As I sat well into the night by the fire the rigors of the week fell off as I planned on what to do next when Mike B came up.

    The moral: Simple, go, get up and get out! We live in an area that people travel great distances to see, some even retire and move here! Do yourself a favor, take a friend, family or sometimes the best trip is just yourself. Don't sell yourself on the millions of reasons of why you can't. One of my favorite quotes is "Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream!"
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    Great post John, and a monster brookie!

    God Bless,
    Dances with Trout

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