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    Default Hello From Hendersonville

    TN that is .

    I have the same story as many I've read on here, been fishing all of my life, grew up in my family's home located on Old Hickory lake, so fishing at least once per day was pretty much mandatory growing up.

    Been wanting to try my hand at fly fishing for a long time now, finally dove in head first, bought a lot of top notch gear before even trying, put away my spinning rod indefinitely, and now embarking on one of the most fun and frusterating hobbies to date.

    I've researched and found this forum to be my "go-to" place for information, so a big thanks to all who host, support and contribute here.

    Told my wife the day I brought my new rod home that I wanted to go fishing in our pond to try out my new gear, but I had absolutely no idea how to fish anymore - strange feeling for sure. But I did manage to land my first fish ever (a small, angry sun perch) on a fly rod about a half hour later, and even with a de-barbed hook, so I consider that a if I could just find that same luck with the trout !

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    Welcome to the forum. Sorry I did not see your post earlier. I think you will like it here. Be sure to check Byron's daily fishing report!
    "Here fishy fishy."

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    Welcome! Glad to have you! Stop by the shop and say hey if you make it to Townsend. Thanks for posting and let us know if we can help you with anything.


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