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Thread: what brand rod are you using and why?

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    I love the DS II taper but to be fair it is what I learned on. If you haven't tried Redington Classic Trout line you might want to cast it. The tapers are very similar. If you aren't aware Sage and Redington are sister companies. LRO carries one Redington rod so they might be able to get a Classic Trout in for a demo.

    Hey Matt,
    I had the Redington CT in the nine foot five weight for a while. You are correct, it is similar to the older Sage rod, which is interesting because when Far Bank acquired Redington in '03 (?) they made quite a big deal out of the two brands remaining entirely distinct... In any event, they are very nice rods at a great price. I got rid of mine more because I never use a five weight out here than because I didn't like it.

    On a similar note, I had one of the blue red-fly two handers for a couple seasons, and it was fairly obvious that Redington was drawing pretty heavily on the old three piece Sage "euro" rods that had been designed by Goran Andersson. FWIW...
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    Lots of nice rods these days. Much better choice of rod actions, materials, and hardware choices than in years gone by. I own a half dozen or so that get fished according to what type of fishing I'll be doing and what type of flies I'll be casting that day or trip. Sage, Winston, Orvis, St Croix, Lamiglass, and Loomis for the most part. I'm not any kind of casting guru by any means, but I know what type of action I like under the conditions I might encounter on any give day or location. No one can choose a rod for you, and no one rod is perfect for every location or conditions you may encounter through the years. My advice is to go somewhere and line a couple up and give them a try. Plus you know what your price point is. If you just have to have one that's a little out of your price range don't settle, save up and buy it. Nothing worse than settling and then a year later saying " man I wish I had bought brand X instead of this one".
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