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Thread: Summer 2015 Recap

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    Default Summer 2015 Recap

    Well, it was a very productive summer for me out on the lake this past year. Just figured I would share some middle TN bassin' action for those who are warmwater fans. In full disclosure, not all fish were fly caught though...

    Fish are JPP Lake locals...

    Then there was this 36" 20lb+ cat...

    The bass boat. I love flyfishing but need to stay true to my roots as well.

    Tight Lines,

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    Tuesday is the winter solstice, I think we all need to see more fishing pictures. Who cares what you caught them with. That's a big honking catfish.
    My posts are worthless without pictures

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    Great looking largemouth and sweet boat thanks for the pics

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    Nice report Kevin! Looks like you had a good year out on the lakes.

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