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Thread: Jakes Creek Summer Action

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    Default Jakes Creek Summer Action

    Realized I had some extra pics from when I was up in the mountains earlier this year fishing, so figured I would post up a report. Out of the small streams that I have fished so far in the park, this is one of my favorites. Sure it is a fairly small trickle of a stream but it has some eager fish, as most small streams do and their size may even surprise you... I know I have surely been surprised on more than a few occasions over the years and it is one of the reasons I keep going back to fish it...

    Something about the solitude of fishing a small stream deep in the woods...

    Every nice pool should hold a couple of eager fish...

    Some local brownies...

    And a nice local bow as well...

    Tight Lines,

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    Nice plump fish for a stream that size. I love jakes creek

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    Great pictures as usual! Maybe we can hit site #27 when we meet up in the spring. From what I understand all of the fishing is below it, but we could hike down a ways and fish back up to the site.

    For those of you who haven't fished with him yet; he has a great system for getting these pictures. He is sure enough on his feet that he carries a full size SLR camera over casting shoulder and under his line hand. The fish that are big enough to net get scooped up, camera is focused and then the fish is lifted out. Photo taken and back into the water.

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    It fishes good in winter too!!!
    My posts are worthless without pictures

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