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Thread: New Years Resolutiom

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    Default New Years Resolutiom

    Just made my New Years Resolution to Fish More Days In the Park in 2016. How about the rest of you?

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    Exercise more, eat less and fish every opportunity I have.

    Also, hope to retire before end of 2016 which will free up a lot more fishing time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack View Post
    Just made my New Years Resolution to Fish More Days In the Park in 2016. How about the rest of you?
    I am with you on this one !

    I have a two week trip planned for this year, so I should meet that goal of fishing the GREAT Smoky Mountains National Park in 2016.

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    I started at a gym in Knoxville and told the trainer guy I want to be in good shape for fly fishing in the backcountry lots of rock climbing with weight on my back, squatting in unusual positions and work on endurance. So far it is going well I think it will help.

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    Save money and pay off credit cards. So far I have failed miserably at both. Just ask Daniel as I keep ordering new stuff every week
    Romans 10:9-10 KJV

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