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Thread: Hatchery Creek OPEN?

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    Default Hatchery Creek OPEN?

    Anyone fished it yet or can confirm its open and fishing right now?

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    Haven't been over there in awhile but according to a co worker a section is open now and this spring all is suppose to open. Sounds like status quo for now. The KDFWR has a notice posted saying;

    "Hatchery Creek is now divided into two sections that are delineated by signage: the Upper and Lower Sections. The Upper Section is located below the hatchery raceways’ outlet and runs downstream about 4oo feet to the barrier falls. The Lower Section includes all of the newly constructed Hatchery Creek which begins at the barrier falls and runs to the Cumberland River tailwater. Signs are currently present to ensure everyone is aware of the two sections’ boundaries.
    The Upper Section of Hatchery Creek is currently open and has new harvest regulations. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service now allows anglers to harvest five trout daily (in aggregate) from the put-take area without restrictions to fish size. Regulations signs for the Upper Section have been posted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
    The Lower Hatchery Creek Section will remain closed to all traffic until the opening ceremony has been completed on April 29, 2016. The ceremony will begin at 2:00 p.m. CST at the Upper Hatchery Creek Section. Although construction has been completed on the Lower Section, the final work of the Hatchery Creek Stream Restoration Project involves planting vegetation to ensure that future erosion is kept to a minimum. The newly planted vegetation will have late fall and spring as growing seasons to become established which should stabilize the new Creek’s shoreline. During the winter and spring, biologists will conduct surveys on trout movement and spawning activity, invertebrate presence, and use by other fish species. Once opened to traffic, the Lower Section of Hatchery Creek will be regulated as a catch and release fishery only; no harvest and only artificial lures and flies can be used for fishing"

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    I was at the State Park with some friends Thursday through Saturday morning. We met with another friend who works for EcoGro who designed and built Hatchery Creek.

    The new 1-mile section is closed to everyone, including fishermen. They want to keep people off the banks, so grasses can take over to prevent erosion.

    Hatchery Creek will open April 29th.

    Brown trout have spawned. I have a video of a female and two males on a redd but I can't post it here. It is not on YouTube. Brad from EcoGro shot the footage a few weeks ago.

    We were standing in the section that is open yesterday morning. A woman ignored the signs, and was fishing in the closed section. A wildlife officer walked out of the forest and appeared to give her a ticket. She didn't look very happy.

    I'm glad to see some enforcement officers there.

    I can't wait to see this creek open. The people who designed and built it are very proud of what they did. We can enjoy this for the rest of our lives. The total cost was $1.7 million, paid for using mostly mitigation funds.


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