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    Default Lake Ontario tributary fishing

    It's been over a year since I left East Tennessee. I came back to upstate NY to help with my aging parents. Even though I am from here, I never fished the tributaries for lake run browns, steelhead and salmon. But that has changed.

    A month ago I caught my first tributary brown.

    It was a 22" brown, and it was beautiful. I was excited to say the least - so excited I drove home talking to buddies all the way, and when I pulled in to home, I realized I left my rod on top of my vehicle! CRAP! Four weeks later still no sign of the rod, so II bought a closeout Sage and mounted a Nautilus FWX I had and I was in business again. (By the way, I called TFO and they felt sorry for me and sold me a demo rod at a deep discount.)

    Back in business, I headed out this morning, and 20 minutes in I landed this beautiful brown.

    And I wasn't done. About 20 minutes later I caught my first ever steelhead. These bad boys fight like Rocky!

    So even though I miss East TN and the mountain trout like crazy, I am coping. The hendrickson hatch is next. It is a spectacular sight here on the Oatka. I hope you all have a great spring season in TN.

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