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Thread: Smallmouth bass help

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    Default Smallmouth bass help

    Hello I'm trying to target more species on the fly . I would love to target some small mouth bass tomorrow . Any help on where to go or good fly patterns would be awesome . I'm located in Knoxville . Thanks guys . Will give a report after fishing tomorrow .

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    Without being too specific, there are numerous lakes and rivers in our area that have Smallmouth thriving in them. Smallmouth are fun to catch and with proper handling, and returning quickly to the water, they can grow to 20" + sizes. There are plenty of wadable rivers and if you have a kayak /canoe or a boat, you have access to a lot of options.
    A good selection of flies that include some yellow and black poppers, some black, tan and olive weighted woolly buggers , and some baitfish patterns such as Clouser minnows or zonkers, or white buggers.
    I prefer to use at least a 6wt rod (8wt preferably on tailwaters) and a minimum of 2x tippet.

    If you want to cut your learning curve quickly, I would suggest hiring a local guide that takes clients on Smallmouth trips frequently. Josh Pfeiffer and Mike Bone are both very experienced Smallmouth fly fishing guides and I'm sure you would learn a lot from either of them.
    Smallmouth are not hard to catch, but do require some better than average skills to be able to cast poppers and streamers with larger wt rods, a pretty good understanding of their habitat and food sources will make you a better fisherman for any species also.

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    Default The first rule of fight club and fly fishing...

    Many of the lakes, rivers, and creeks we fish are pretty darn sensitive to pressure, and fishermen prefer to keep their spots secret, so don't take a lack of responses personally. Like Troutman said, most of the reservoirs, their headwaters, and tailwaters, hold good numbers and sizes of smallmouth. Think trout waters but further downstream. His fly recommendations are good as well. I carry a variety of poppers and sliders, large dries and terrestrials, weighted and unweighted crawfish imitations, and weighted and unweighted streamers.

    Fish shady banks and overhanging cover, especially as the sun rises. In rivers, fish will generally be concentrated in shoals, the first 1/4 of the stretch below a shoal, and the last 1/4 leading into the next one. The middle is usually pretty dead. Smallies like to hold behind anything that breaks current off of them in these areas.

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    Well since this is little river outfitters....... A good place to start would be little river! There are smallmouth from the national park all the way down to.......... Well all the way down. Just be careful some homeowners along the river are cantakerous. Are you going to be fishing from a boat or wading? The possibilities are endless for smallmouth around here. A few deep clear lakes harbor some monsters

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