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Thread: Nymphing Tactics Class Report

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    Thumbs up Nymphing Tactics Class Report

    If you’ve seen some of my posts you know I’ve been having a tough time catching trout in the Park. However, yesterday was altogether different. The great staff at LRO and their Nymphing Tactics class turned things around. We spent the morning at the shop going over gear, bugs, and casting techniques. Then after lunch we broke into groups of three per guide and hit the water. Within a few “casts” I was landing fish. Every pocket or seam was producing fish. While not the ideal rod for the Park, my 7’6” 2 wt. was a great choice when I hooked a really nice 8” rainbow.
    Thank you Rob Fightmaster, Bill Bolinger, and especially David Knapp my guide. Excellent class LRO!
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    Mr. Moose,

    Congrats to you, I am posting tomorrow a reminder about our next Great Smoky Mountain TU meeting this Thursday April 21st with David. Your post speaks volumes, here is a link for info about the meeting. I invite you and everyone else to come out and hear David and check out the LRO class like you did. Remember you do not have to be a member to come to a TU meeting, bring a friend, family or children, all are welcome!
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    I have fly fished and fished those mountains for years; however, I may have to look into taking one of these classes myself I am not a strong nymph fisherman in the mountains and am sure I could pick up some pointers. Thanks for posting
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    Default Next Class

    Next Nymphing Tactics Class with space is Sunday June 19th.

    Everyone seemed to have learned a lot. Rob Fightmaster, Bill Bolinger and David Knapp are great teachers.

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    Excellent OP, you are learning from the best. That will pay dividends for many years to come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMoose View Post
    Thank you Rob Fightmaster, Bill Bolinger, and especially David Knapp my guide. Excellent class LRO!
    Mike, it was great meeting you and I'm glad you picked up the high stick nymphing techniques so quickly. You were a very quick learner and I'm excited to see your reports from fishing up in the Park as you continue to use the new skills. Thanks for taking the nymphing class!
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    I took the class today and found it to be very helpful. I've been fishing for 20 plus years, but have always had trouble with nymphs. The only way I've had any success was fishing them as a dropped under a dry fly. I learned to high stick today and hope to get better. Thanks again to everyone at little river and the class teachers.

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