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    Got out on Little River above Metcalf Bottoms for a couple of hours last evening. I got a new camera because my last camera recently took the plunge into Cataloochee Creek. I don't take pictures often while fishing, but decided to try to give it a try. This camera is waterproof
    I went to one of my favorite runs, and it started out slow. I suspect it had been fished hard previously in the day. Once I got into some "fresh water" I started to pick up a few of these guys.

    I then tied into this guy. He took a #14 Parachute March Brown and was quite a handful as he got into some fast water.

    Here is another shot. He was around 15"

    Finished up the evening with a decent rainbow.

    The Park is fishing Excellent right now. I hope you are getting to take advantage of it.

    God Bless,
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    Glad to see you had a great run, even better to see fishing with me at the Cat didn't voodoo ya!
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