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Thread: Korkers hiking/wet wading

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    Question Korkers hiking/wet wading

    Has anyone hiked and waded in their Korkers?

    I have a pair of Korkers with the interchangeable hiking and felt soles. The wife and I are planning a trip to BC #17 Little Bottoms. I was hoping to try for smallmouth on hike in and fish for trout above the campsite.

    Should I hike in my hiking boots and change to Korkers for fishing or just hike and fish in the Korkers?
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    That's a very rough trail. I'd wear hiking boots and save the wear and tear on the wading shoes.
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    I have a pair of Korker Redsides and have used the lugged rubber soles for hiking in, then switching to the felts for fishing. Worked pretty good for me, but your mileage may vary.
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    I've done it. Not a fan. The pair I have don't have enough stiffness in the sole for rough trails. That said, I'd do it again. It wasn't that bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMoose View Post

    Should I hike in my hiking boots and change to Korkers for fishing or just hike and fish in the Korkers?
    I wouldn't want to just take one pair with me, although I love the idea of it. If you are further back I would definitively advise against as your feet are your way in and out and a plan B (even if flip flops or crocs) sure beats hiking out barefoot. But with it only being 3 miles back I would answer your question with a question. Do you mind putting on wet boots and hiking? If the answer is no, go for it
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    Personally, I have owned 3 different pairs of Korkers in the past, and I would probably not own another pair. The interchangeable soles are super convenient and help increase the longevity of the felt, however I have worn the sides out on the boot of all of my Korkers. In fact, the Hyjack wet wading shoe only lasted me about 3 months before the mesh sides began to tear. I am a Simms guy through and through. I have the Rivertek Boas and am about to buy a pair of the new Freestone felts. Simply put, they are built to take a beating and the felt does not wear down after many, many miles. I guess it's all what you want personally, but for the long hikes and boulder climbing associated with the bluelines I fish, I would steer clear of Korkers. That is just my two cents, I know each person is different.

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    I have done some hiking in my Korkers with the felt soles on, only about 1\2 mile or so one way. They did well I had thought.

    Personally if I were to to be doing any extended hiking to and from a river or camp, I would where proper foot wear.

    Nothing is worse than getting a blister because of a poor fitting shoe or boot. Then having to live with it for days in the field where you have to walk on it only making it worse.

    Get some good walking shoe or hiking boots, wear them as much as you can. Before you get into the field. Its better to find out something is not right with them at home than in the field.
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    I use the Korkers Redsides but only for wading. I use a hiking shoe to go any distance.

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