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Thread: Of Tiny Specs, Tiny Streams & Bamboo Palooza

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    Default Of Tiny Specs, Tiny Streams & Bamboo Palooza

    Like turkeys in November this time of year I sneak back into the park to tiny stashes of water with even smaller specs. As the heat increases and and just days away from the tuber hatch and a hectic upcoming month schedule, I have spent the last two Saturdays indulging myself on a spring bug hatch that has been prolific to say the least!

    I love to break out the 2 wt. with a short span of 6x fluoro and a size 20 elk hair caddis which I leave on all day and pick pocket small pools for tiny Smokies jewels. It is not fishing but hunting as far as I am concerned. I can quickly lose a couple of hours working upstream trying to outdraw tiny spec gunslingers who are either getting genetically faster or I am getting slower! (no comment allowed here) I had told myself once I got five I would head out but as many of you know sometimes to get five to hand you have to lose 10 more.

    I stopped by LRO on the way in to pick up news and supplies and to see if anyone had spotted the elusive Bamboo Palooza gang and I found them in their temporary roost. If you ever get the chance to spend time with these folks as they make their annual trip from places like Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Florida; do it! The array of bamboo and accessories they bring to swap, sample and trade is amazing. The wealth of knowledge they have about bamboo will floor you and they freely share if they see you truly have a passion to learn. Thanks to Noel H. for introducing me to some of these guys and even though it had been about five years since I went to the last one I ran into some I had met before.

    At the end of the day on my way back out I stopped by again as we all sat and talked around the table as they told stories and we tried casting different bamboo they had brought. Standing in the cool evening air, smoking a cigar with a quality beverage it wasn't hard to look down and realize it was 10PM and I still had not made it home!

    I guess this one thought no worries till November!
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    Nice pics and post, thanks

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    Nice time and I am sure you had plenty of solitude. Thanks for sharing.

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    You should be a story teller. You painted a story as I read your post that made me feel as if I was there. Good post
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    Good stuff!!!
    My posts are worthless without pictures

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