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Thread: dropper length?

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    I believe it is to reduce the chance of snagging a fish and injuring it permanently.
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    I agree with Kris, shorter droppers will definitely snag and foul hook more fish. If I rig my flies in-line, one fly tied off the bend of the point fly 12-14" is fine. Most of the time with this rig I use a dry and a wet fly. If I am using two nymphs and using a drop shot rig (kinda like JHS mentioned) I might use a little longer one, maybe 16-18". One important thing I've noticed. Fish will rise to take a fly, but rarely are they looking down and willing to take a fly lower in the water column. Unless of course they are hugging bottom already.
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    Interesting thanks for that info Kris I never thought about the foul hooking part of it.

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    Depends on the depth of water i'm fishing.
    I like my dropper to bump along the bottom, but not enough to mess up the drift of my dry fly.

    Usually 12-18".

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    Velocity of the water is also important. Usually, I fish 18-21" but in fast water that has some depth I may go to 24 to 27". Nymph is also important. If I am simulating emerging insects I drop to 12" to 16". Usually, I tie on heaver nymphs and need some distance to avoid sinking the dry.

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