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Thread: Happy Fourth of July!!!!

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    Default Happy Fourth of July!!!!

    First of all, Happy Fourth of July to everyone. Hope y'all are enjoying the festivities. I got out with an old friend that I haven't seen for a long time. We Decided to head to Greenbrier.

    We hit the water early so as to beat the holiday rush, 7am. As we drove in, there weren't to very many people. We got to the trailhead and 2 other cars. 2 guides, both with clients. One, a father and son, the other a husband and wife from up north. Each was in pursuit of some Smoky Mountain treasure and so were we.

    Stupid me forgot my neoprenes, however, one of the guides that was there was willing to let me borrow a pair. He just asked that I drop them off at the shop he worked at. It's not to far down the road from where we were. Fly fisherman are awesome, what a brotherhood, Thanks Kevin!!!!!

    With boots on, we where off. We walked up stream for a few, rather than the trail. Just to get away from the typical routes. I showed him a couples spots and I moved a little farther up stream. Within a couple of cast it was fish on, this guy was the first and best rainbow I netted all day.

    Look at those cheeks.

    The water was low and warm in spots, as to be expected. We kept making our way from pool to pool, pocket to pocket. With the water being as low as it is the fish where extra spooky. However, with a little cover and some luck we found a little bit of treasure.

    Love those colors!!!!

    More fish where landed and sent back home to be caught again. I certainly can't complain about anything, all in all it has been a great 4th of July, and I haven't even blow up anything yet.

    Once again, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!! Tight lines and Live, Chill, Fish.
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    NICE trip report!

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