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Thread: Skunked...Almost!?

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    Default Skunked...Almost!?

    Had the opportunity to fish above elkmont on 7-3-16. As others have already mentioned, the water is pretty low. Fished around BC 21 and moved up to BC 24 area based on some intel shared by some passing fisherman. Using a combination of a Yellow Neversink Caddis & Green Weenie dropper, and then switching to a Tellico Nymph later in the day. As i began to get ready to start the hike back to the campground, was able to land the only fish of the day, a decently sized rainbow (First Fish in the park! ). All in all, it was a good day. Unfortunately i was not able to get a picture fishing solo.
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    As you found out, the water up there is low and getting warmer.

    In combination with that, that stretch above Elkmont is/has been getting LOTS of pressure. I went up there about a week ago as I was close and didn't have time to hit anything else. There were quite a few fishermen stretched out up through there as I walked in and even more walking out.

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    Yep, not sure if just a coincidence, but seems like ever since they re-did the parking area at the trailhead, the stream above the cabins has been getting hammered 7 days a week.

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