I have another picture-less boring text only fishing report. Last Saturday, myself and a fellow professor took a group of 10 students for a camping trip to Smokemont. Whoever made the schedule made sure that the entire afternoon Saturday was "unstructured freetime" which is professor talk for "I'm going fishing, do what you want, don't die, don't get lost, and don't cause a problem"... 4 of use headed up Bradley fork for fishing. Two were fly fishing newbies, and were mostly just trying to figure out how to cast.

We did see a yearling bear on the Bradley Fork trail, so that was fun.

The fishing was semi-slow mostly from low water.

My final Talley was 10 rainbows, 3 brookies, and 2 browns. Almost all of them were on the dropper. The best was a 9.5" rainbow, but most of the fish were about 6-6.5".

I did manage to keep a couple of the rainbows and grill them up on the campfire so that the students could taste the magic is freshly caught trout cooked over wood fire.

I completed goal 1 for the trip - caught my slam.
I didn't complete goal 2 - catch a keeper sized brown, but I guess I'll just have to try again later! (the fight with the big rainbow was definitely the highlight anyway so I'm totally disappointed)