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Thread: Mid November thunderhead prong?

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    Question Mid November thunderhead prong?

    What flies do you recommend for a mid-November trip on the Thunderhead Prong? If the good Lord is willing and the weatherman cooperate I hope to be high up the Thunderhead fishing about then. I've never fished up there that time of year and I'm wondering about flies. We are staying in Townsend and I hope to be dropped off at the end of Tremont road early one morning for a day of fishing, and in my experience, at least in July, there's a lot less people on the Thunderhead versus Lynn Camp Prong. I'm also hoping to lock my bicycle to a tree hidden in the woods and ride it out. Any ideas on how to rig up a rod holder for a bike is also greatly appreciated. I fish with a 7ft 3wt, but it's a 2 piece so I've got to come up with something.

    Thanks in advance,

    PS. I've also got to remember to check brakes on my bike. LOL
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    A thunderhead fly should work good on thunderhead!!! In allseriousness an elk hair caddis or any local fly should work, smoky mtn trout are not picky

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    Grey dry flies

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    PVC and zip ties for your rod holder. If you want to reduce the weight you could also get a long fluorescent bulb holder (Lowes) and cut to size. It won't protect your rod if you wreck but it would work the same as PVC. There is also a plastics company that sells a stronger, clear plastic tubing that is lighter than PVC. I found it somewhere on this site I think.

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    I would try a small Adams at some point in the day.

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