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Thread: I didn't get to fish, but...

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    Default I didn't get to fish, but...

    I have been in Cosby for several days checking on my vacation rental business. I brought my fly rod and gear but just couldn't shake free to go fishing. However, I did have a chance to look at Cosby Creek, Greenbrier, LeConte, and Roaring Fork.

    Everything is LOW. It's hard to imagine that fish are still alive and well in water conditions that low. On the Roaring Fork Trail, there were bridges crossing creeks that were COMPLETELY DRIED UP.

    Obviously we need some rain and more importantly, LOTS OF SNOW THIS WINTER. I would be very happy to log onto Ober Gatlinburg and see at 100 inch base at some point this winter. I've seen it before - we need it this year to help get the waters back to normal.

    I remember when I bought my first property in TN back in 2005, before I knew about LRO, I stopped by another angler place in Gburg and the gentleman told me "It's going to take several good years of rains to restore these waters...we've been dry for so long now."

    Well, I guess they did get restored, but we've slumped back into another drought. Cosby Creek was astonishingly low. If I was industrious enough, I could have crossed it multiple times without getting a shoe wet. That is low.

    I honestly didn't want to fish because I didn't want to stress what fish are still there!

    I'm going back to Texas tomorrow - let's pray for a cold, snowy winter in the Smokies!

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    I would love to see some recent pics of popular areas in the park just to compare how low they are currently to what I have seen in the past.

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    I fished Little River above Elkmont yesterday. It was very low. I have fished that area from the late 70's on. If you look at the gauge lows for this date, it has been with the last 20 years or so this low.

    I drove by the Tellico a couple of weeks ago on my way to WNC fishing and it is a trickle. The area behind the Beach on up the Cherohala before you split to go to Green Cove is as low as I have ever seen that and the lows were last this bad in excess of 50-60 years ago. That's low!

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    I was at Smokemont a couple weeks ago and ran to Cherokee to have breakfast one morning. My wife wanted to do some shopping. So I ran into a fly shop and started a conversation with a guy working there. He said the water hasn't been this low since 1958. Let that sink in.
    I found the fish very cooperative though as long as you stayed low and fished a couple pockets ahead.

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