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Thread: So what's everybody tying this Winter?

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    Default So what's everybody tying this Winter?

    Just wondering what everyone is tying up this Winter? With the Park shut down and the weather getting colder, I figured it was time to get the thread spinning. I'll probably work on learning so new dry flies, Ausable Bomber maybe, and refining some fast-sinking nymphs.

    I'd love to see pics of what you all are tying up now!

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    Tying midge emergers. They have been lots of fun lately if you do not mind quick action with some stockers. Tie up some orange palmers and sling them close to the bank to tempt those bedded monsters.

    Sorry for the video quality...this was back in the day...
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    Boy have I been slack I haven't tied up anything in about 6 weeks. Been having some back and hip issues. Been so bad I've had to skip a couple of the tying demos at places I almost always go. Hope to get that all worked out soon and start tying my late winter early spring flies soon. I read in Byron's fishing report today they are trying to work out bring fly tier days back to Townsend next year. I sure hope so. Townsend is always at the top of my list. Merry Christmas everybody!
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    I have been tying variations of a jigged bead head pheasant tail nymph. A basic recipe/instructional video can be found at:

    I have been tying it on size 16 and 18 Allen or Hines jig hooks. The pattern in the recipe calls for rusty brown CDC, but I have been using brown or grey partridge as well. Also might tie some with a purple of hot orange hot spot behind the bead. I will try them out on the Clinch, but they would appear to be a versatile fly that one can fish deep with fewer snags on any water where PTs are effective.

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    FlyMan I will be happy to wheel you around at any fly tying events so that you may attend

    I've tied a few pink weenies, but really my tying plans for this Winter involve me giving Nathan a bunch of hooks and hackle and begging him into tying me up some Neversinks in a wide assortment of colors
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    Haven't tied a lot over the past several months , but I am now back to tying up some more Smallmouth flies. Modified Wiggle minnows and a couple of new streamers to try out next year.

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    Just bought some new materials, well mostly restocking of my fox squirrel tails and hooks, and will be tying a bunch of the following:

    -Neversink/foam caddises or stimulators in yellow and orange

    -Smaller nymphs (than I have used before anyway), some Tungsten Torpedoes and Frenchies

    -Killer bugs and Walts Worms in whitish-pink, hare's ear and orange

    -Wool yarn nymphs/leeches, mostly black and olive (kinda like Mohair leech/buggers, with just yarn brushed out)

    -San Juan worm in pink and red, I want to try with diff versions, never fished one but will experiment with beadhead and without. Also will be experimenting with some squirmy wormies this year, in pink red and fl orange.

    - Lastly some pink and green weenies

    I never tie up big batches, I usually tie up a handful of whatever grabs me before each trip but this year I think I'm going to stock up on about 20 of each of these and load up a small box to keep in my pack. Going to try and stick with this small assortment this year and see what it gets me. I'm going to target brownies more this year.....

    I'll do some pics when I get em done.
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    As soon as I get through Christmas I'm going to start on quill Gordon's. Wets and drys. Then to the smaller blue quills.

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    Baitfish patterns using SF Blend fibers, in hopes of some winter stripers.

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    I've been busy tying downsized deer hair poppers...size 10 and 12's...along with the never ending small streamers.

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