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Thread: Happy New Years / Last trip of 2016!

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    Default Happy New Years / Last trip of 2016!

    I had the day off of work yesterday, and decided to get in a final trip for some specs. I usually try to go several times throughout the late fall when they have their spawning colors , but with the drought conditions affecting the water levels, I decided to leave them alone this year.
    The rains over the past several weeks have brought the streams back to perfect levels, and the fair weather over the past week made for a perfect day to get out. Caught several specs on nymphs today and this little guy still had some color.
    Hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR and can get out and enjoy more fishing in 2017.

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    Great colors and nice picture of that brook trout Gary! I like the composition a lot with the rod/reel in the background. Happy New Year to you as well...
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