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    Default Rogers, Arkansas

    Anyone do any fly fishing in the Rogers, AR area?

    Going to a family reunion in a month or so and it looks like we'll be under an hour away from some fishing areas, no idea where to go though.

    Trying to find somebody familar with the area, I did find a place called Spider Creek Resort that appears to cater toward anglers.

    Also, does anyone know any good guides out that direction? If I can't find enough info on my own, I may be better off hooking up with a guide who knows the area.

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    I have spent quite a bit of time in the Rogers area the past year. While I didn't get to fish any, lots of guys at the plant talked about trout fishing around Beaver Lake just outside of Rogers. I believe I recall them telling me that the tailwater is quite a good trout fishery and that some of the headwaters into the lake hold a decent population of trout as well. Good luck!

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