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Thread: Little River Report February 28, 2017

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    Thumbs up Little River Report February 28, 2017

    Yesterday, I made a very last minute decision to fish on Little River. I've been too busy lately to fish for myself much so when the opportunity presented itself, it did not take long to decide to head for the mountains. I arrived in Townsend with enough time to stop and grab a pack of streamer hooks at Little River Outfitters before heading on up Little River. With no concrete plans, I rigged up a streamer rod to kill some time as I waited for my buddy Pat Tully to join me. When he arrived, I rigged up a dry fly rod and a nymph rod and was ready for anything that might happen. Pat just wanted to dry fly fish and rigged up one rod accordingly.

    Catching the mood of the day, I suggested we cruise Little River Road in search of bugs. Pat quickly agreed and we set off. It didn't take long at all. The first pool I wanted to check had rising trout and plenty of Blue Quills hatching.

    We crept into position and took turns casting. I had one fish eat but missed the hook set before we combined to put all the remaining risers down. Knowing there were plenty of other fish upstream, we continued on. Since there didn't appear to be any other anglers out, we took our time and fished in some random spots that we wouldn't normally spend time on. It was nice to be able to relax and take the day slowly.

    The best part of the day was when we found a pool with lots of rising trout. I already knew there was at least one nice brown trout in this hole and we hoped to find it. That wasn't meant to happen on this day, but we were too busy catching trout to notice. Trout were boiling all over the pool to a strong emergence of Blue Quills along with scattered Quill Gordons. As the rain set in, the fish kept on rising so we stuck with it. We took turns every fish and both caught plenty of gorgeous trout. Eventually, the number of bugs started to slow down and we had either caught or spooked all of the risers on the pool. It was glorious fishing while it lasted though!

    Photo Credit: Pat Tully

    For the rest of the day, we continued wandering up and down Little River. We stopped to throw our flies in a few nice pools and missed fish and even caught another one or two. The day ended with a brown trout that was a bit of an accident but one I won't complain about.

    I was streamer fishing a pool where my backcasts went up over the wall and across the road. Just as I started to cast, Pat said, "Car!". I didn't have much line out, so after one good haul, I let the forward cast drop so I didn't hit the car. It piled 15 feet in front of me and I hurried to strip the line back in prior to the next cast attempt. Suddenly a brown blur appeared off the bottom and nailed the streamer. I was laughing as I landed the fish.

    Photo Credit: Pat Tully

    Over the course of the day, we saw Little Black Caddis (#18-#20), Black and Brown Stoneflies (#12-#16), Blue Quills (primarily #16), and a few Quill Gordons (#12). The hatches should continue to improve over the next few weeks. The Blue Quills should provide steady fishing for at least 2-3 weeks and perhaps longer. Get out and enjoy what spring has to offer!
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    Thanks for the report. Great pictures! I just hope we don't get a cold spell like a few years back and this weather keeps up. Pat is a super nice guy and I'm glad you got out.
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    I missed this one somehow. Exceptional report, as always.
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